What do I need to bring for my visit?

Please bring a photo ID, if you have insurance, the most up-to-date insurance card and a method of payment.*

If you’re not the policy holder, please bring their address, contact number and social security number.

If you’ve been injured on the job, please bring any internal forms required by your employer, the name and address of the insurance carrier as well as policy numbers.

What insurances do you accept?

We are a high acuity urgent care and contracted with most major plans. We will work with your insurance provider to verify your coverage at the time of service.

Any deductible not met, or additional charges that are assigned by your insurance provider will be charged to the policy holder.

Any amount overpaid will be reimbursed to the policy holder. For additional information about your specific plan, please call your insurance plan provider.

We do not accept the following: Medical Mutual OhioHealth Choice HMO, Ohio State Prime Care.

What if I am uninsured?

If you do not have health insurance, we offer competitive and affordable self pay rates. Cost per visit may vary depending on your needs and our diagnosis. Once you’ve been evaluated by our medical team, we will let you know what costs you may incur and will work with you in order to get you the right treatment.

How long is the wait to be seen? How long will my visit take?

All of our clinics are walk-in based, however select appointment times are also available. Click here to make an appointment at one of our convenient locations.

In most cases people are seen in the order in which they arrive or schedule appointments. However, we reserve the right to see a patient ahead of your visit if their illness or injury is severe or life-threatening.

We encourage patients to check wait times prior to arriving and to allow at least an hour for their entire visit.

If wait times are long, patients can check-in at the clinic and wait at home.**

What if I am not improving or need a refill on my medication?

Initial evaluation and treatment is based on the symptoms presented by the patient at the time of the visit. For most patients following the treatment regimen prescribed brings them relief. However, if you feel you have not improved sufficiently there may be other health concerns that may need to be addressed. If this occurs, contact our clinic to obtain further instructions.

Please note, just like other medical providers, additional follow up evaluations and treatments will result in additional charges.

Under most circumstances we follow the standard Urgent Care practice of requiring follow up with your primary care provider, or a return visit for any medication refills.

*Patients are responsible for payment of co-pays and past due balances prior to being seen.
**Patients must be released by the receptionists prior to leaving the clinic or they will lose their spot in line. Patients must be within 10 minutes of the clinic.
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